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But what is a pitch deck anyway?

Film pitch decks are presentations designed to sell a film project to potential investors, companies, organizations, institutions, producers, and networks. They may contain information about the project, such as the plot, synopsis, characters, budget, talent, production timeline, distribution, budgeting, and other relevant information. This presentation provides an overview of the project and explains why it is worth investing in.

The Pitch Deck

You should include the basics in your pitch deck: a logline, synopsis, cast, talent bios, and a mood board. A mood board is an excellent way to showcase your project’s visual feel. 

Designing and creating pitch decks requires thought and creativity. However, pitch decks can succeed when prepared by a designer with pitch deck experience. The challenge in getting a Pitch Deck created is the cost. A Pitch Deck can cost as low as $1,000 and as high as $5k, but before you say WOW, let me explain the investment.

One grant can cover the costs of a Pitch Deck, and you can apply for a grant to fund it. Having a unique, creative, stand-out crowd Pitch Deck designed is very beneficial for attracting producers, networks, and production companies to produce your script. By investing in a Pitch Deck, you let whoever you send it to know that you also care about your project.

Please don’t let not having the funds stop you from creating your own Pitch Deck. You can use resources online to design your Pitch Deck within your budget. Whether you design your Pitch Deck or hire a designer, the goal is to submit your application so you can be selected.

Invest in your project and get a Pitch Deck.

Pitch Deck Designer

If you’re looking for a Pitch Deck designer, check out one of my favorite Pitch Deck designers. Check out a sample Pitch Deck from Luke. 

If you are interested in working with Luke, his information is below. His price is $1300 for up to 15 pages, and then onward, it is $100 per page (hourly rate). He created the pitch decks I provided for Legacy Entertainment in the Live Workshop.

Luke Oberholtzer


Legacy Entertainment

[email protected]




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