33 Websites to Share Your Movie (Some Free) 


You’ve finished your project, and you’re looking for places to share it with others. Here are the top sites to share your projects and portfolios with the world.

Film Festivals: 1 site.

  1. Film Freeway, https://FilmFreeway.com

Aggregators: 3 sites.

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  1. Film Hub, https://www.FilmHub.com
  2. Bitmax, https://www.bitmax.net
  3. kweli TV, https://www.kweli.tv

Websites: 6 sites.

  1. Nowness Picks, https://www.nowness.com
  2. Short of the Week, https://www.shortoftheweek.com
  3. Film Shortage, https://www.filmshortage.com
  4. Your website/domain
  5. Get featured on a blog as a guest
  6. Get featured as a podcast guest

Social Sites: 23 Sites

  1. YouTube
  2. YouTube Shorts
  3. YouTube Live
  4. Vimeo
  5. Instagram Post
  6. Instagram Stories
  7. Instagram Live
  8. Instagram Reels
  9. Facebook Page
  10. Facebook Profile
  11. Facebook Groups
  12. Facebook Live
  13. Facebook Stories
  14. Facebook Page Stories
  15. Facebook Video
  16. TikTok
  17. Pinterest
  18. Twitter
  19. Twitter Spaces
  20. Reddit
  21. Quora
  22. LinkedIn
  23. LinkedIn Groups
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