5 Simple Tips to Advance Your Filmmaking Career

Has your film career felt stagnant? Check out my 5 go-to tips I visit every couple of months to jumpstart and advance my filmmaking career.

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Has your film career felt stagnant? Have you been thinking of ways that you can advance your career? Well, check out my 5 go-to tips I revisit every couple of months. It has always helped me, and I know it will help you. So let me know how it goes.

Refresh Your Resume

1. Update Your Resume/CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Your resume/CV represents you and the work that you’re doing. Make sure that after you have completed productions, you update your resume. You want to stay on top of your references, new titles, and roles that can advance your career. Let your resume compliment you as a filmmaker, have fun with it. 

Tips for Your Resume

  • Resumes tell the employer about your experiences, skills, and work history. 
  • Have a strong cover letter to complement your resume. 
  • Adding links on your resume that direct employers to your portfolio 
  • Change your design if you have not gotten any hits on your resume.
  • Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color. 
  • Make sure you have a basic font.
  • Only send PDFs of your resume. 

Using LinkedIn to Advance Your Filmmaking Career

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the Facebook to your professional career. To advance your filmmaking career, have a professional profile page on LinkedIn. In addition, many companies accept your LinkedIn as an official resume on job boards. LinkedIn is Free but also offers paid memberships. I recommend upgrading if you are job-seeking or recruiting. They do offer a free trial if you want to check it out.

Benefits of LinkedIn

  • You get to use your page as your resume.
  • You can connect with film industry colleagues you know.
  • A lot of people post job leads and articles that are career driven.
  • Connect up and network with executive producers, directors, etc., that are in Hollywood.
  • Find and apply for jobs from major companies.
  • You can get endorsed on your skills by your network. (List 3-5 of your most vital skills)
  • Take a skill quiz and stand out to recruiters in job searches.
  • Post about your professional career, or upload your portfolio for your network to share.
  • Join professional groups with other like-minded individuals.

Using IMDb to Advance Your Filmmaking Career

3. IMDb

IMDb has become a household name, even if you’re not affiliated with filmmaking. But what is IMDb? Do you know as an indie filmmaker, IMDb can be a game changer in your career? If you have ever worked in the filming industry, you should have a space on IMDb. An IMDb account can sweeten your resume and portfolio, as IMDb is a verifiable source for cast and crew. In addition, IMDb allows production companies, studios, and producers to enter a project’s information as early as the Development phase.

There is no right or wrong time for when productions can be inputted. Even if the production companies, studios, and producers never list the project, you’re still allowed always to enter your work if you have an IMDb. So go, make sure all your work is updated and documented. Sign up for a Free IMDb account. They have a FREE 30-day trial that I highly recommend. Free Trial Sign Up

Benefits of IMDb

Having a paid account allows you to:

  • You get to use your page as your resume.
  • Claim a unique IMDb page name handle.
  • A place to upload your professional bio, pictures, and demo reels.
  • View contact and representation information for major studios and actors in Hollywood.

Use Your Free Adobe Portfolio

4. Adobe Portfolio

Online websites or portfolios can be expensive. This is why I love Adobe for having Adobe Portfolio (Pf). You qualify for a free Portfolio with Creative Cloud if you have an adobe account. A website that allows you to create unlimited pages for your portfolio. You don’t have to know HTML or CSS; they have easy themes to customize. Get a portfolio in minutes.

Benefits of Adobe Portfolio

  • Includes hosting and unlimited pages for a professional portfolio.
  • Get a custom subdomain link for your portfolio to add to your resume, bio, and reels.
  • Include links on your portfolio page that connect to your social, video reels, LinkedIn, and IMDb pages. You can also include links to your store or crowdfunding pages.

Networking on Social Media

5. Using Your Social Following

Who isn’t on social media? Social has become one of the most powerful ways to connect and stay updated about all things in the world, with the ability to find other people and interests via hashtags or personally congratulate someone in their inbox. In addition, social media has become a tool for content to go viral and a way for networks and producers to find you. Making sure your social pages represent you, what you do, and where you want to go.

Tips for Your Social

  • Clean up your social pages and delete pictures or posts that don’t represent your brand. Avoid club flyers and memes.
  • Update your profile bio and pictures. Include any links to websites, IMDB, portfolio, or LinkedIn
  • Follow other filmmakers and film sites to stay updated with leads and jobs.
  • Share your work 2-3 a week so you can always remain at the top of someone’s head as a reference. Need places to share your work? Check out my blog, 33 Websites To Share Your Movie (Some For Free)
  • Make sure you have a contact email or number in your bios.

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