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7 Tips That Makes a Great Film Director

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What makes a Film Director great? It’s more to film directing than showing up on set with your shot list. Film directors’ life outside set determines how great their films are. Check out 7 tips that make a film director great.

1. They’re Writers


A great film director is a writer. They understand storytelling and what goes into making a good story great. And the only way to be a good storyteller and make a good story great is to WRITE!

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2. They Take Acting Classes

A great film director takes the time to understand what it takes to become an actor. It also helps them develop tools and tips on how to get the best from their actors while on set.

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3. They Attend Film Festivals

A great film director takes the time to watch other independent filmmakers’ work. This will allow them to see what other creatives are creating on their level and how their work adds up.

4. They Know Camera Equipment

know camera equipment

A great film director know what is needed to make their vision come to life. Knowing what a specific lens can provide visually is important when creating a storyboard and shot list.

5. They Understand Props

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A great film director understand that props are crucial in storytelling; they complement and motivate the character, helping the actor feel more ‘the part,’ setting the scene, identifying a particular time and place and cultural setting, and sometimes even becoming a huge film focus.

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6. They’re Problem Solvers

A great film director solve problems, not create them. The Director’s focus should be to move the team forward with solutions.

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7. They Have Positive Attitude

Everyone on set looks up to the Director. Therefore, the attitude of a Director can determine the film’s quality.

Hope this helps! You got this!

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Award - Winning film Executive Producer and Screenwriter Michelle A. Daniel has 14+ years of independent film experience.