Hello there, I’m Michelle A. Daniel

My name is Michelle & I’m a Creative Executive, that is obsessed with creating content. I have over 12 years of experience and have poured my heart and soul into creating art. Creating & producing 600+ pieces of content/film that streams on the web & TV, I know what it takes to create and make impactful visuals that stand out and make your voice/brand heard.

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My beliefs:

  • Your smile can be used to change the world.
  • You can have whatever you put your mind to, just don’t forget that you have to work for it.
  • Self care, fitness/health and discipline are the foundations to a productive, healthy creative life.

Fun facts about me:

  • I’m a mom to 4 amazing humans & 25 houseplants.
  • I’m veganish.
  • Coming to America is my favorite movie. (A min of 4x a week)
  • I play the saxophone & currently aiming to master, When A Man Loves A Woman.
  • Proud member of an adult volleyball & softball team.
  • I’m a collector of Vinyl, cassette , and VHS tapes.
  • Smiling & taking pictures are my favorite things to do.

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