Hollywood Screenplays: Best Places to Read and Download for Free

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When it comes to filmmaking and working in this industry, understanding screenplays is a must, from above-the-line to below-line. It doesn’t matter what role you have on set; you will get your hands on a script. How a film is shot and edited in post-production comes down to the screenplay.

If you’re a screenwriter, you want to understand movies and character development and how other screenwriters decided to tell their stories. Reading scripts allows you to improve the basic elements of your screenplay.

If you’re a director, you want to understand the script and how to bring it to life visually for you and your team. Reading scripts allows you to understand action lines, camera angles, how to direct actors, set design, etc.,

If you’re a boom operator, you will need to read and understand the script, so you know how you want to capture the actors’ dialogue. In addition, reading scripts allows the boom operator to decide the placement and selection of microphones.

Do you get my point? It doesn’t matter; the script is the foundation.

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Best Place to Read and Download Hollywood Scripts for Free

Check out the best places to read and download Hollywood scrips for free. =)

1. Go Into The Story with Scott Myers


I’m lowkey addicted to Go Into The Story with writer Scott Myers, and I visit this site daily when I’m writing. So if you’re a screenwriter, it’s a must that you get into Scott Myers. His official blog is on Black List. He offers master screenwriting classes, script breakdowns, interviews, writing prompts, etc.

Go In The Story also has screenplays available to read and download. Make sure you bookmark his site and attend a workshop or two.

2. Simply Scripts


Simply Scripts is another fantastic resource for screenwriters. Simply Scripts has a huge database of TV Scripts as well. I love the Unproduced Script section; you can gain many script ideas from this section. They also have a few soon-to-be-released movies, Anime Scripts, Radio Scripts, Non-English scripts, etc.

You will love their Treatments section if you’re a screenwriter, producer, or director. You will find movie treatments, proposals and pitches, series bibles, and more.


3. IMSDb – Internet Movie Screenplay Database


IMSDb has the most extensive collection of movie scripts. So IMSDb is the perfect go-to if you need help finding older classics. In addition, you can sort by new releases, categories, titles, and genres.

IMSDb scripts are viewable in HTML so that you can read them in your web browser.

4. TV Writing


If you’re a TV junkie, TV Writing is your destination for scripts. You can read and study some of your oldies and many that never made it to air. Unfortunately, TV writing only has some of the seasons’ episodes, but there’s enough for you to study and learn how to write in acts.

5. Scripts On Screen


With over 9,000 films indexed from 300+ sites and they also offer assistance in helping you find scripts.

6. Script Slug


Script Slug has hundreds of screenplays and TV series. In addition, they have many classics available from the 90s.

Many other sites offer free screenplays, be aware of broken links that lead to spam when you’re browsing.

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