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In coaching, trust, and patience are essential for leading and guiding. Everyone should have a coach and mentor, but let’s be honest; only some people fit what we need.

Coaching questions

What is it like working with me?

A considerable investment is involved in coaching, and I must help you overcome your fears. It is an exciting but challenging place, but we will get you to the next level. I promise you that.  

What coaching services do I offer?

Film Care Session: 45 min: $249:

  • This session allows me to help you on your film career journey. The coaching sessions will are catered to you, from film questions, project concerns, burdensome contracts, or advice on cast and crew projects. On average, 2-3 topics are covered in each session. 

The Film Care 1 Month Roadmap Journey: ($875) 

During this session, I will help you with your film career, whether it be simple questions, project concerns, tough contracts, or advice on casting and crew. During these sessions, I help you break down your goals into smaller pieces, making you feel accomplished and motivated. 

  • Four (4) 45-minute coaching virtual phone sessions to discuss progress and concerns. 
  • Assignments tailored to you.

  • Resources that will help you grow in your career. 

What do I get from your coaching sessions?

  • Mastering your film career goals.
  • The proper roadmap of resources and tools to achieve your goals. 
  • Learning and leveraging your strengths. 
  • An accountability coach.

Ready to set up your first session? 

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