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How to Get Your Movie on a Major Network (for Free) Top 2

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I was going through my hard drive the other day and noticed that I have A LOT of finished projects. When I say completed, I mean teasers, trailers, and marketing material. So what should I do with all of this content? I have always wanted my work to stream on major networks, but networking and Distribution are challenging. Remember years ago, a company named Distribber came to the scene with high hopes for indie filmmakers? Distribution Companies Distribber, GoDigital Close Down, Rattling Independent Filmmakers Well, that ended abruptly, and unfortunately, indie filmmakers lost a lot of hope regarding film Distribution.

I’ve streamed without Aggregators, but the process is complicated, well, until now. Finally, two Film Aggregators are ready to place your film on top streaming networks. Let’s break down Film Distribution and why Film Aggregators may be the perfect cushion for your project as an indie filmmaker.

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Film Distributors vs. Film Aggregators?

What are Film Distributors?

Film Distributors are companies (Netflix, Amazon Prime, A24) that will acquire a film and take complete control of the logistics of Distribution and Marketing for that project. The film’s Executive Producers agree on the terms for the project to be acquired. The company then distributes the film to the best demographic market and audience for the best outcome. There’s a difference between a studio producing your script from Development to Distribution vs. a company/studio acquiring your completed project and now handling only the Distribution. (This is why quality is vital to get your production at its best for an even better outcome. )

Film Distributors are in the business of making money, but who isn’t right? When working with Film Distributors, more than likely, they want all rights to your film, and all funds made from the film will go to the Distributor. So it’s essential as an indie filmmaker you are comfortable with your contract and advance payment. There is a lot of “I know someone that can get your film on Netflix.” Years ago, we would count on that someone. However times have changed so much, making it easier to control our work. Working with a Distributor really is about who you know. This is where Film Aggregators come to the rescue if your contact list doesn’t consist of Reed Hastings.

What Are Film Aggregators?

Film Aggregators are third parties services that assist, for a fee, to get your film distributed on major platforms like Netflix, Tubi, Revry, Amazon, and iTunes. Film Aggregators don’t promote your film; they only help post your project to networks where it can be purchased. This allows you control of your project, more rights, and more money. 

Film Aggregators cost money, and it may take some time for you to find the right network for your film. What I love about Aggregators is their simple process and the control you have as an indie filmmaker. Nonetheless, there are a lot of aggregators, but only two have been standing with time. I remember talking to a few people about the below aggregators, and there were a few negative reviews. Everyone will have a different experience with a company; My advice with everything I post move with wisdom and lawyers.

Filmhub Aggregator (FREE to Start)

Filmhub ( www.FilmHub.com) is user-friendly and allows you to navigate the process independently. You can start Filmhub for fREE.

  • Filmhub empowers content owners to self-distribute their titles directly to streaming services worldwide.
  • Filmhub charges no fees to filmmakers. We only get paid when you get paid, retaining 20% of earnings received from your films.
  • Filmhub also provides a suite of services and tools to digitally manage catalogs of any size.
    • Video assets are archived in our secure cloud storage.
    • With our Catalog, channels can select and receive instant delivery of titles according to each channel’s specific requirements.
    • With money, content owners can see all money earned from every channel worldwide into a single dashboard.
    • With Rights Management, content owners can track the rights of their titles by Territory, Date, Language, License Model, and Channel — with start and end dates for each managed right.

All Content Owners (distribution companies, sales agents, indie filmmakers, and studios) – benefit from Filmhub as the one place to reach millions of potential viewers simply and inexpensively. 

Bitmax Aggregator (Cost to Start)

Bitmax (www.BitMax.Net) is a well-respected aggregator for streaming platforms. A bit more of the private side to how they handle indie filmmakers, but a reputable company. Their team helps you distribute to Apple, Google, Amazon, Vudu/Fandango, Xumo, Tubi, Pluto, and more, offering real-time purchase data and royalty support.

They’re dedicated to helping independents, and distribution companies distribute their media worldwide. Their ever-growing list of digital platforms and broadcasters is open to you – from kids to documentaries, short films to features – there is a distribution model for you.

My Opinion

These top film Aggregators have all the tools and resources to get your film on a major network. I recommend using them both; although they provide the “same service,” they have different platform reaches. For indie filmmakers on a budget, Filmhub will be your best friend. It’s free to start, and you can upload your films immediately. In addition, there are no fees or upfront costs: just an 80-20 revenue share once streaming channels order your listed titles. There is no pricing scale for Bitmax, but it’s rumored to have a start cost of $750. However, Bitmax is the world’s largest independent digital supply chain provider, so the price is worth it.

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