Get Free Or Dirt Cheap Film Permits (by State)

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There’s nothing worse than getting your entire crew to a location just for a security or police officer to ask you to leave. But do you know their film permits are not hard to get, and they protect you and your crew from neighbors, city fines, and any accidents that may occur on set for you and your crew?

The cost to film in some cities is expensive and prohibited. Many cities offer free or dirt-cheap film permits for free? Just make sure you apply in enough time. Check out a few tips on permits and my list of free or dirt-cheap places to get a film permit. I update this page weekly.

Filming Permit Tips:

  • Check out my, 4 Ways To Get Free Film Locations (Sample Email)
  • Check with your film office on places where you can film for free and not need a permit. It’s always best to know your rights as a filmmaker.
  • Always check with the city’s film office where you plan to film for free locations. Many cities allow free filming at their city buildings and offices.
  • Get a PA to assist in passing out film notices and directing traffic once you receive your film permit.
  • Consider filming further out. Some places where they are unfamiliar with filming wouldn’t mind you filming in their city without a permit.
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City of Vista: City of Vista, Free Film Permits until June 1, 2024


City of Denver : Film & Photography Film Office , Free Film Permit

Colorado Springs: Commercial Photography, Video and Drone Permits , Free Film Permit $25 per day


New Haven: Department of Arts, Culture and Tourism, City of New Haven, Free Film Permit


Shreveport: Film & Media Shreveport, Free Film permit & most of their city parish buildings


Dayton: Dayton Film Office, Free Film Permit 


San Antonio: FilmApp San Antonio, Free Film Permit until further notice


Seattle:  Office of Film and Music, Free Film Permit, $25 per day 


Award - Winning film Executive Producer and Screenwriter Michelle A. Daniel has 14+ years of independent film experience.