How To Get Product Placement Money For Your Film

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Product Placement is a phrase that gets tossed around in the film industry. It’s like you know what it is, but you don’t. You know that it’s money in Product Placement, but how much? You’ve seen companies use Product Placement, but how do you contact the companies?

As an Indie Filmmaker, it sometimes seems impossible to accomplish the same things as major networks. But it’s not impossible. It just takes a little work to land the correct check. So let’s talk about the 4 Types of Product Placements and how to land one for your film.

There are multiple types of Product Placements, but for this blog purpose, we will be going over the top four.

When it comes to Product Placement, brands want to ensure that they have an audience that can move to purchase the item or a fan base to increase awareness of that product. One key thing to remember when you’re thinking about Product Placement is that the brand will only agree to placement if you highlight that company in a positive light. So make sure you have a script with a story with a positive, impactful message.

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Types Of Product Placement

The two cool things about Product Placement:

The flexibility to work within a brand’s budget can be determined by how much 

Screen Product Placement

Screen Placement is when you see a brand’s product in the scene; It’s usually a physical object. The placement can be subtle or very loud depending on how much the company wants to spend or how much placement the Production companies, Producers, and Directors feel is necessary. 

Forest Gump Product Placement

Script Product Placement

Script Placement is when you hear the brand’s name of the product mentioned in the scene. This is more common among brands that have established a household name, so you’re instantly familiar with the brand when mentioned in the scene. 

Plot Product Placement

Plot Placement is when a product or service is built into the movie’s plot. The product or service connects to the film, almost like another character. 

Plot Product Placement

Location Product Placement

Location Placement is where a brand’s physical location can be seen in the scene. Usually, there is no mention of the placement. However, sometimes a character can enter or be in the physical place. 

Location Placement Starbucks

Product Placement With A Completed Script

Sometimes we think about Product Placement after having a script, and that’s OK. Yes, it’s easier to think about Product Placement or have a deal before the script, but you can still find placement opportunities. 

But How? It’s the same as doing a script breakdown. Go through your script and look for places where you can include brands. 

Locations: Is the location of your scene flexible? Can you shoot it at Target, Starbucks, or your local pizza shop without changing your story’s intention? 

Wardrobe: What fashion designers can you showcase for your characters to wear? What about earrings and sunglasses? 

Cars: Can your character benefit from owning a car brand? 

Food: Are your characters drinking beverages or eating snacks? If not, can they?

Miscellaneous items: What about kids’ toys? Or a software company that you can zoom into on the phone. 

You can get as creative as you want; make sure it sticks to the storyline; you don’t want to confuse your audience or make it feel like a placement. On the other hand, it should flow with your script and create a sense of realism. 

Product Placement Examples

  1. A character is drinking a beverage or alcohol brand.
    1. Pepsi, Coke, Ciroc 
  2. Characters sharing snacks in a scene
    1. Chips, cookies
  3. A Character recommends a service
    1. HR Block, Google
  4. A character using an electronic device in a scene
    1. An Apple cell phone, Mac laptop, Beats headphone 
  5. A Character ordering food in a scene
    1. Starbucks coffee, Dominos Pizza 
  6. A Character with a shopping bag walks down the street on a cell phone.
    1. Macy’s A shopping bag and a Samsung phone 

How To Find Contacts

Discover how to find emails about Product Placement? Working with brands for your film can help with funding your project and also build relationships with other potential brands. 

Ask Other Filmmakers

Have you watched another filmmaker’s film a seen products? Ask them if they worked with a brand company; if so, ask them for their contact information. Some people are unwilling to give you their direct contact, so have something you can offer if you need to. 

Contact The Brand On Social

DM is real, and people respond; sometimes, people do reply. Shoot a quick “Hey! I love your brand, and I would like to know if you can provide me with the contact name and email address of who I can reach out to for Product Placement or potential collaboration. Thank you!”

With this option, you want to make sure your social pages look and feel as professional as possible. You want them to take you seriously. 

Search The Brand’s Contact Information Online

This can be tricky because many brands have started deciding what type of information to be available online, but it’s still worth some research. Go to the company’s website you’re interested in and begin on the “Contact Us” or “About Us” page. You want to see if you can find the “Media” or “Public Relations” email. If you email the company at their “info.” which is a generic email, you may not get too far. 

Press Release and Online Articles

Type in the brand you’re interested in and look for any press release they may have or information about other brands they have collaborated with. You can then check to see if a person’s name the contact is listed. 

Email Finders

Some companies provide accurate contact information and titles for who you are looking for. These platforms do charge for this service; here are a few. Sometimes they offer free promotions where you can get the first 100 emails for free.

Example Of Email To Brands

Hi, Kim!

My name is Michelle Daniel, the Executive Producer for a film called “Build -A-Boo” I’m a huge fan of Starbucks and, for the past ten years, have faithfully used Starbucks as I go to for set.

I’ve tried every flavor you have, but the Christmas flavors are our favorite. Our production company has a script we are filming in April, and one of the main characters is abaosulty addicted to Starbucks.

We would love to incorporate the placement of your product and store into our production. I would love to set up a meeting to make this possible, discuss the budget and different placement options, and have your presence in the script.

I look forward
to hearing from you!
Thank you so much for your consideration.
Michelle Daniel
@showrunher (IG)

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