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The job market is insane, and this film industry work doesn’t make it easier. Being in a small niche and finding jobs that make cents financially and career-wise can be challenging. 

I remember being on Mandy, thinking I had found my dream job, chile it was from someone in India who had sent me a 10k check to “set up my office” but wanted half back for taxes. Yeah, OK, that didn’t go

I know places like Mandy & Backstage have had their flaws, but the truth is that production companies still use them. So beware of scams when you’re applying for jobs. Always trust your gut.

So where can you find film jobs? Let’s get into this HUGE list of places to find film gigs. If you find one, let me know, and if they’re looking for a Producer, please let me know lol; let’s get into it!

Before you get started, make sure you check out my 5 Simple Tips to Advance Your Filmmaking Career 

1. Your Contacts

It’s essential to have a good network because it determines your netWorth. So take time, review your contacts, and reach out to film industry professionals. Many people turn down gigs for various reasons, i.e., their schedules are booked, the role doesn’t fit their career goals, or it’s in a different state. Get my point? Your contacts may have more leads than you think. Ask them if they know of anyone that’s hiring. Suppose they say no, that’s OK; tell them to keep you in mind if anything comes up.

Showrunher Bonus Tip:

When on a film set, pass your phone around and have everyone enter their number and job descriptions in the notes section. Make sure to leave that set with contacts. If you’re shy, have everyone put their information in your notebook. ALWAYS leave/give them something, so they remember you. i.e., pen. Peppermint, gum, book. Make your set days memorable.

Ask for help
Ask for help

2. Production Job Sites

Job sites are a lot to work through, but you can do it! Below is a list of Free and Paid sites.

Showrunher Bonus Tip:

Make sure your account profiles are updated. Fill out all information possible about yourself under your profile. This makes it easier for companies to find you. If you have accounts, make sure your accounts are updated.

Check out websites
Production Job Sites

3. Film Commission Offices

Production companies must register with the state when producing a film. When they register, they are given resources and services to assist with filming. Productions send over jobs that need to be fulfilled to the commission office. The commission office will then list those jobs on their site. Check out local film offices. Here is an example of the Georgia Film Commission office.

Showrunher Bonus Tip:

Apply for jobs in different states and cities. Some production companies have a budget to accommodate travel and hotel. 

Film Commission Offices
Film Commission Offices

4. Social Media

Social media is the place for everything these days, including a resource for job leads. You can post your reel and resume and add what you’re looking for in the caption. Then, ask people if they have leads or tag someone that may have. The good thing about making a post is that it lives on your page so that someone can see it anytime. 

Showrunher Bonus Tip:

Hashtag your post so that it can lead you to the perfect job #indiedirector #hireme #forhire

Social Media
Social Media

5. Networking Events

Networking events are so much fun, and you can make a great first impression on people. In person, you can feel vibes and get personal with people. 

Places to find networking events:

Showrunher Bonus Tips: 


6. Facebook Groups

Regardless of how people laugh about the old folks, Facebook is still a thing. Facebook has many groups that list jobs, AND it’s the perfect opportunity to network. There are thousands of groups; find ones that fit your needs. Unfortunately, spam has taken over some groups, so make sure the group stays updated. Here are a few to get started. 

Here are a few to get you started: 

Showrunher Bonus Tip:

When accepted into the group. Post a small about you post. List who you are, your reel, what you’re looking for, and a way for people to contact you. Browse and start connecting with other like-minded people in the group. 

7. Company Websites 

Some companies don’t think twice about getting caught on job sites. Always check local production companies and networks for career postings. The good thing about applying on smaller company sites is that the competition is low and gives you a better chance of getting hired. 

Showrunher Bonus Tip:

Find the hiring manager on LinkedIn and send them a quick note about your application.

8. Other Sites

Of course, there are always sites that allow you to pick up freelance jobs. I’ve used both for productions. You can offer many services to get your clientele off the ground. i.e., film editing, animation, graphic design, voice-over. 

Showrunher Bonus Tip:

Set up a cheap service for $15, and make sure these people leave reviews for your work. The goal is to get into the algorithm, and it doesn’t make you look like you’re “new” once you have a few customers, delete that service and charge the regular price. 

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr

I hope this helps!!! Now go be great!


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