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Producer Services

Executive Producer & Showrunner

Are you looking for a producer to help you make your dream movie? Regardless of where you are in the process of creating your film, I can help.

Below are a few of my areas, but not limited to:

Funding: Responsible for securing funding to bring a film project to life.

Budget management: Ensure the budget stays within the project's financial constraints and on track.

Hiring: Responsible for hiring key personnel, including the director, cast, and crew.

Contributing creative input: Enhancing the script and troubleshooting problems during filming.

Marketing & distribution: Assist in marketing and distribution efforts.


My Services

Speaking Engagements

I aim to empower exceptional film leaders and increase their knowledge and performance in the film industry.

Sessions 1:1

The most effective way to collaborate with me is 1:1.
My guidance and mentoring will help you create your film.

Courses offered by Michelle

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About Michelle


An experienced filmmaker with over 14 years of experience working as a screenwriter and executive producer. I have worked with sponsors on films with various budgets and developing and distributing films. Aside from that, I have nominations for some of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, including the American Black Film Festival and Bronze Lens. My services aim to help you achieve your full potential as a filmmaker.


Some of my Achievements I am so Proud of

14 years

An Executive Producer, Producer, and Screenwriter with 14 years of filmmaking experience.


Over 800k earned for film distribution.

Film Festivals

Nominations at ABFF, BronzeLens, National Black Film Festival, and many more.

Executive Producer

Produced 10+ series for Between Women TV Network.


YouTube Silver Plaque Earned for 100,000+ subscribers.

Universities & Colleges

Worldwide, colleges and universities study my producing work and TV series.

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